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  • Ample Varieties of Reef Rock
  • Ready to Run From Day One
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Newly Added ORA!



Maroon Clown


Bubble Coral





Pink Smiths


Macroalgae Back in Stock!

We Improved the Tank Booster Pack! 

The Tank Booster Pack is designed to help remove nutrients, reduce accumulations of detritus and treat your fish and corals to a variety of wholesome live foods–the perfect package to show your whole aquarium community some love.

 Macro Packs

With a nod to TRITON method adherents, the Ultimate Macroalgae Pack relies on the combined efforts of several select seaweed species to decimate bad algae. Now, get 2oz of EACH MACRO! 

Ultimate Refugium Packs

The Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack by AlgaeBarn includes everything you need to cycle, start, and seed a healthy refugium for your Saltwater Aquarium

Pom Pom

With a bright red and burgundy hue and graced with sharply tapered, flame-like fronds, Pom Pom Gracilaria adds a splash of color and texture to any tank or refugium. It is also makes a healthy live seaweed food for herbivorous fishes. 

Sea Lettuce

Ulva sp. is commonly found on shallow, rocky reefs worldwide. This delicate green algae prefers fertile, brightly lit waters. Thus, it can quickly reduce concentrations of dissolved nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate in marine aquaria.

Red Ogo

Bright red and burgundy, with sharp and pointy fronds, Red Ogo adds color to any tank or refugium. It is also makes a healthy live seaweed food for herbivorous fishes. 

Inverts Back in Stock Now!

Peppermint Shrimp

The Siphonaria limpet (Siphonaria sp.) is an extremely sturdy, hardy and predator-resistant alternative  to most snails!

Cerith Snails

Tired of always replacing dead snails? Captive Bred Cerith Snails make a hardy and sustainable alternative to wild-caught snails.

Pincushion Urchins    

The Pincushion Urchin makes an excellent algae eater best known for its tendency to consume unwanted "hair" algae in aquariums as well as fish waste and leftover fish food. These hardy Captive Bred Urchins will also consume other types of unwanted algae found on live rock. They are completely reef safe making them an excellent member of any clean up crew.


Tuxedo Urchins

Tuxedo urchins are considered by marine ecologists to be keystone species in tropical seas, as they promote the development of reef-building corals via the intense grazing pressure they exert on benthic algae. As such, they are an indispensable herbivore in any reef aquarium clean-up crew.